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Live from Tegucigalpa, on Stereo Luz and HRVC, Pastor Melvin, Ernesto, Mateo, and Josué.

HRVC has a legacy of over 50 years of Christian broadcasting, and has powerful repeaters throughout Honduras. The station has some affiliation with HCJB radio ministry, and shares in the purpose of Christ-centered programming.

The interview took place during a half-hour news program during the noon hour. I had done into the radio station to purchase some concert tickets for young Josué from Casitas. He is so excited to venture into the city to attend an upcoming concert. He asked me to get tickets, and also to make the very big request of allowing him to meet and interview the Puerto Rican artist who will be performing here. So, I went to at least ask at the radio station.

It helps that this station regularly broadcasts the two programs produced by Spanish World Ministries (called El Camino de La Vida which is 14 minutes long, and Reflection for Today, which is 3 minutes long). Jennifer and I were received well by the station management, and while they did not guarantee us an interview with the singer who is coming, they did ask to interview us. Apparently, our story of being called to serve in Honduras was of interest. So we kindly accepted coming back two days later for an on the air interview. Pastor Melvin and Ernesto Zelaya, Josué who came via bus to the city from Thursday church, and I were interviewed. This gave us a chance to give a testimony about what God is doing in our 4 churches, and to promote the radio ministry.

While I do not have the whole interview, here’s a brief clip of Pastor Melvin sharing.
HRVC Interview clip