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Yes, the Allen family is still alive and kicking, although our blog has been negected! Since we have had so many things happen over the last few months, I’m going to play catch up and start where I (Jen) left off:

After our sending church left at the end of June, we had 4 days to get ready for the next team. This youth group came from Grace Evangelical Church near Memphis, TN, which is the church that helps to support Pastor Nixon. Since we had just stayed at our churches in the south, we decided that Grace Evan would focus all their time and energy in Casitas. At the last minute, our hotel option fell through, but the Lord was gracious in providing a hotel that was simple yet clean. He also provided amazingly beautiful weather the entire week! After being in the stifling hot southern churches, it was refreshing to enjoy cooler weather.

These youth were a joy to work with. They came very prepared for 5 days of VBS and did a great job of using Spanish without translation at times. Since it was such a large group, we kept them busy with building pews for the church, painting, leveling out the grounds, and most of all, putting in a concrete floor for the soon-to-be Sunday school room. They also had the chance to visit neighboring homes of church members and witness Pastor Melvin share live on the local radio station. Once again, it was a privilege for us to witness the blending of two cultures working together for the same purpose – furthering the Lord’s Kingdom and giving glory to Him. We pray that the experiences that the youth from both churches have had will foster a passion in each of them to serve the Lord to the fullest.

Below are some highlights: