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Hey, this is Samuel speaking. I am the middle child. And yesterday was my birthday, making me twelve! So to tell what we’ve been doing here, I’ll go back nine days.

So, we had to stay overnight at a hotel in Houston. We had Taco Bell went to bed. That’s it. Then, we woke up at 5 in the morning to catch our second plane.

When we arrived in Honduras, we were greeted by the Zelayas and the Urtechos, friends from IST. Mr. Urtecho is an architect. He has been working hard on remodeling our house. They showed us what’s done of the house, and I have to say it’s impressive for less than two months of work. He had changed the entire roof and added an extra room. Not to mention, he made a loft in my new room. (I’ll show you pictures when it’s done)

The next day, we were picked up by a bus, which took us three brothers to a MK (missionary kid) camp. I won’t go into all the detail, but we had a fun week of praising the Lord, playing games, playing water games, making new friends, and even seeing old friends.

When we got back we met Nathan Martin, who was staying with us. The past couple days I’ve seen Nathan working on wooden stairs, closets, and our new pantry. Then yesterday we had the Zelayas bring cake and Coca-Cola. And so that’s what has been going on. May God bless you all!

22 Jul / On the move

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Hi friends. Well, the next chapter of the divine adventure is underway. Our personal belongings, on the other hand, are not underway. We learned that harbor traffic in the Port of Los Angeles and a U.S. Customs inspections have resulted in our container departure being delayed until July 29th! This is tough news as it will make our start in Honduras a bit challenging. We’ll be doing indoor camping for a while. The movers in San Diego were so quick that they loaded up things that we had intended to take with us on the plane. For example, they packed my Bible! (A Bible teacher really needs his Bible).

This blog is not meant to bemoan this inconvenience, but rather to ask you to pray. And also to give testimony of God’s goodness as evidenced through His people. Just as friends in San Diego shared houses and cars with me prior to leaving, the Church in Honduras is ready to help us with some of the challenges we will face upon arrival. One friend is willing to share his car with us, others have offered dishes, and Iglesia El Camino de La Vida is already preparing for our arrival. In the picture, you can see Pastor Melvin’s new truck, being loaded up lovingly my bruthas Luis and Nixon with mattresses for our entire family. These mattresses are being moved from El Renuevo to our new home for us to use. This is really cool as the mattresses where part of an investment made by New Covenant Bible Church, and will be a great blessing to our family as we arrive to an empty home. Even cooler, there’s an extra mattress for our friend Nathan who is coming down to join us to do some construction and repairs on our home.


We know that we will not lack anything we need despite not having our things there on time. God is good and His mercy is seen through the generosity of His people.

Romans 12: 10-13 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.  Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.Practice hospitality.

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This past month, I have enjoyed digging into the major prophets to learn and teach on the Biblical theology of Babylon. It is amazing to look at the precision, the details, and the accuracy of God’s Word as He has revealed Himself to us through Scripture. The objective of this study is to examine our holy God, His promises to His remnant (covenant) people, and learn from how He uses kings and kingdoms to accomplish His plan. For me, it has been rich to dig into Isaiah and Jeremiah with a renewed fervor for their prophetic message of repentance, and the clarity with which the O.T. points to the completed work of Christ Jesus on the cross. Christ has delivered His people, thrown on the yokes of slavery, and restored, calling a people who were once not His people, to Himself.

I’d love to share some of this learning with you if you’re up to dig into God’s Word. The lessons have been recorded and are online on our church web site @ pacifichope.com.

Here is a break down of each lesson, all of which are on the Pacific Hope site, under the “Listen to a sermon” link:

  • Lesson 1: The context and History of Babylon; text: Genesis 10-11
  • Lesson 2: God delivers Jerusalem; text- Isaiah 36-37
  • Lesson 3: Envoys from Babylon; text- Isaiah 38
  • Lesson 4: Why has the Lord our God done all these things to us?; text: Jeremiah 5 & 7
  • Lesson 5: The Yoke of Bablyon; text- Jeremiah 27-28


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By now, you are familiar with Pastor Melvin and his lovely wife Carol Zelaya. Sometime I will blog about how God placed them in our paths, but I wanted to tell you about their recent visit to San Diego! Melvin and Carol are tireless servants of the Lord, who embody what I’ve read about in Ted Tripp’s book Instruments in the Hands of the Redeemer. The Zelayas are gifted teachers of Scripture, but have also have taught Jennifer and I a lot about pastoral ministry. Melvin is constantly in homes, hospitals, radio stations, and other places seeking out people who need to hear of Christ in a moment of crisis. This work is non-stop and knows no days off. For that reason, it was our family’s please to bring Melvin and Carol up to see us and take a forced vacation.
Despite Melvin’s prowess behind the steering wheel of his trusty old pick-up truck traversing the rugged mountains of Honduras, he didn’t want to take on the challenges of 85MPH navigation of Southern California’s superhighways. As such, the Zelayas humbly submitted to our plans for them to enjoy 10 days with us. We enjoyed taking them to the world famous San Diego zoo, for hikes at Torrey Pines, and to walk by the ocean at Sunset cliffs. We expanded their culinary horizons with meals like In-n-Out burger, the California burrito, and Indian food. Of course, Carol made sure that meals and conversations included Coca-Cola. (Melvin likes to refer to Coke as the agua negra del imperialismo yankee).
It was really special to get to share our present context with Melvin and Carol. On many wonderful occasions, we have visitors come down to Honduras, but this was a first for us to fellowship with Melvin and Carol on this side of the border.
It was a joy to introduce them to friends at Pacific Hope Church and others who God has placed in our lives. They were glad to greet the Jensen family and introduce their newest family member into the world. Our visit was full of talking about the friends we share with them in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, California, and Honduras. We prayed for lots of peeps by name and smiled as we see how God has truly woven together His Church in Honduras with His Church in the U.S.
Hope you enjoy a few photo highlights in this gallery:


22 Apr / Bring back the blog

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In recent weeks, I’ve decided to renew our divine adventure website. My pal Henry Happ has helped me piece together the digital skeleton of a site, and slowly we will be breathing new life into it. This site has served to allow our family to share about ministry joys and challenges during stages of life we have enjoyed in Costa Rica, Illinois, Honduras, and California. Our life has been full of changes, and full of people that God has sovereignly placed in our path to build us up in one way or another. I personally have enjoyed using this website as a way to share news with you.
Frankly, I am not sure who among our friends kept up with us on the previous site, but I feel an obligation of sorts to bear witness to the sanctifying hand of God leading us through this divine adventure of life.
I love how David declares His compulsion to sing God’s praises. As He asks the Lord for healing he tells God that he wants to use his life to praise God. Turn, O Lord, deliver my life; save me for the sake of your steadfast love. For in death there is no remembrance of you; in Sheol who will give you praise? – Psalm 6:4-5. While I have life, I must sign his praises whether that be in my actions, my conversations with others, or on this little corner of cyberspace.
Likewise, Jesus said in Luke 19:40, that if His disciples did not proclaim His praises that the very stones would cry out. So, this little blog will be a vehicle for me to sing God’s praises! I pray that my words here would honor God, encourage you, and paint a picture of what He wants our lives to look like.  Stay tuned…