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Here’s a little trivia about yours truly: I am passionate about knowing God’s Word, caring for my family, and am addicted to cycling! I love riding my bike, and have explored so many mountains, trails, and desolate roads during my Mondays off here in Honduras. The past two years, I have participated in an international race called the Trifinio Trinacional Montecristo organized by Guatemalan Carlos Lopez. The first day of the three-day stage race begins near the Mayan Ruins in Western Honduras and continues to Esquipulas, Guatemala – an area rich in history and culture. Racers stay the night in Guatemala and ride across the border back in to Honduras for day 2. Then, day 3, we struggle up a rugged range of mountains through Central America’s largest Starbucks coffee farm and then descend into warm, tropical El Salvador.










Since arriving in Honduras, I have managed a Web site called Cabra Rides.com aimed at promoting mountain biking and eco-tourism. Through this site, several friends have accepted our invitation to come down and do some epic adventures via mountain bike. I’ve also managed to recruit local businesses to sponsor our race team for the past two years. This year, I’m going really big. Some friends from a Christian biking club in Indiana (2nd Mile Adventures) are coming down to race across these three countries with me.



This race fits into our big picture in several ways. The drive to the western extreme of the country has allowed Pastor Melvin to come along as our professional driver, and he visits radio stations while my friends and I pedal to our heart’s content (and sometimes well past contentment). Likewise, I have to opportunity to interact with and share my faith with cyclists from El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. This year, we are “sponsored” by El Camino de La Vida and hope to use this race to raise funds for a much needed new ministry vehicle for Pastor Melvin.


I would like to invite you to consider sponsoring me in this race:

  • Sponsor our ride in El Salvador: $250 sponsorship
  • Sponsor our ride in Guatemala: $500 sponsorship
  • Sponsor our ride in Honduras: $1,000 sponsorship
  • Sponsor the whole race!: $2,000

As a very small token of appreciation for your generous sponsorship, I will arrange to send you a bag of coffee from the country (or countries) that you sponsor!

This amount will be used by the radio ministry to purchase a new vehicle to be used for serving the 4 congregations here in Honduras, and also to promote the Gospel via radio throughout the region, including into El Salvador and Nicaragua.

All donations should be sent to Spanish World Ministries (El Camino de La Vida) and are tax deductible.
Give on-line or via snail mail: Spanish World Ministries
P.O. Box 542
Winona Lake, Indiana46590

Please note that your gift is for Honduras Vehicle.

Take a look at this Flikr site if you’d like to see pictures from the previous race. Also, drop by Cabrarides.com to get inspired to come ride with us.




16 Nov / Pastoral training in the South

Author: Matthew
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I just returned from a weekend in the south, where I stayed at the lovely Hotel Renuevo. Aside from the variety of wildlife sightings, the stay was great! I travelled south with Ernesto and Pastor Melvin to spend some time investing in the workers of El Camino de La Vida. In attendance was Pedro Calderón (famous leather artisan!), Luis Ochoa, and Nixon Lopez. This time of teaching was focus on a return to the basics of the Gospel, and looking at some practical pointers on preaching. We shared lists of things to avoid, and practices to employ to clearly present God’s Word to His people. During the time there, I had the opportunity to preach Ezekiel 18 at El Renuevo during the Saturday night service. Then, on Sunday morning I drove Melvin, Nixon, and Nixon’s sister Kenia up to Teguicigalpita for morning service. It was a unique service during which Melvin preached on I Thessalonians 4:1-8 and dealt with the prevalent issue of sexual immorality. Issues like this are all too frequently ignored from the pulpit, and the result is a church with 40 women, 3 times as many children, and practically no men. I prayed the whole time that Melvin preached that the children of that church would understand the call to purity and the need to view marriage as paramount.


During this service, Melvin also invited Pastor Nixon and his “friend” Joselyn to come forward to be prayed for. They are now officially beginning a courtship relationship and are praying towards the goal of committing to one another in marriage. Nixon also shared with the congregation that November 16th marked his 3 year anniversary of having moved to the south to begin his pastoral ministry. He has grown a great deal as a preacher, and has learned first hand the challenges of provided pastoral care to Christ’s chosen but broken children.

After this weekend, God has renewed opened my eyes wide to see how He has worked in the lives of Luis and Nixon, and how He has used us (that means you!!!) to be a part of building up His Church. I saw construction projects undertaken by friends, building improvements at El Renuevo made by our church, women who have come to the Lord through evangelistic events organized by sisters in Christ from Ohio, and two faithful men who are able to preach and provide for their families because of offerings of generous friends and churches way north of here. I am thankful to see how this investments are directly related to activities that are producing fruit.