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Each month, the congregation of ECDLV Tegucigalpa makes a payment of $230 towards paying of a small piece of land on the southern edge of the capital city. We have been praying to be able to begin taking steps towards building on the land and subsequently have the ability to do more mid-week ministry, reach an unchurched neighborhood, and have space to grow the church family.

In December 2013, we were richly blessed by friends at Central Christian Church in Beloit, Wisconsin. As part of their Christmas offering, they generously shared a sum of money with ECDVL allowing the first steps to be taken to be taken to begin construction. This blog will give you a quick overview of all that God is doing in this construction project. As we have begin to work, we are building relationships with the neighbors, and striving to honor Christ with each conversation we have.

Here’s a look at some of big accomplishments so far, as we as a link to a photo gallery that I will be continually updating on FaceBook.

1. 56 hours of backhoe rental- Well, the terrain in Honduras could best be described as ‘rugged’. As such, the church land needed to be dug, leveled, and terraced to allow for construction.
2. preparation of an access road and installation of a steel gate at the entrance
3. leveling of an upper parking area
4. purchase of a 20 feet container to securely store construction materials
5. construction of the lower (1 of 3) retaining walls

Right now, some bi-vocational pastor friends are hard at work digging the footer for the lower retaining wall, which is the first critical step in protecting the investment that was made in earth-moving. Our prayer is that God will provide the funds to build the second and most costly retaining wall, which will serve as the back wall of the church building itself. Stay tuned to see how God is working, using His people to accomplish His work.

Also, today, Melvin Harold and I will be starting a Wednesday night Bible study in the new neighborhood, examining the Gospel of John. Please pray for us to be able to connect with and share the Gospel with our new neighbors.