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14 May / Casitas Projects

Author: Matthew
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It’s project time again here at Iglesia El Camino de la Vida! Thanks to the Ohio team that finished up the main church structure at Casitas in January, we have so much more usable space! We actually have 2 rooms/spaces that are currently not being utilized, except for storage. The first room is an area right off the new bathrooms and the second is the small house on the property that the 35+ kids used to meet in. (Now they worship and learn in a classroom triple the size!) So….what do we do with these “extra” spaces? Let me share the vision that we have for them.

First of all, the vision for the room off the bathrooms has been to create a nursery. We have quite a few babies and toddlers in Casitas, which we love! I see 3 main ways this nursery project will bless and grow our church:
1. It will provide a safe place for the women to leave their babies so they can worship with the church. Oftentimes the women choose to stay home instead of coming to church because it is too difficult for them to listen while taking care of their little ones. Our desire is for those moms and grandmas to come hear God’s Word and fellowship with others in the body!
2. It will provide a nurturing environment for those babies and toddlers to hear the gospel at their level. We will give a short training to all ladies who will be taking care of the little ones, to encourage them to be intentional about reading Scripture to them, teaching them Bible songs, etc.
3. It will provide a way for the women of the church to serve one another. This is so important as we grow closer to Christ – serving as His hands and feet. The people of Casitas serve when teams come, but unfortunately there are not many opportunities for them to get involved in the weekly service. Taking turns caring for and teaching the babies is a concrete way the women can serve other moms/grandmas and the church as a whole.
Here’s a top view of the room that will be the nursery. It now has a roof, of course!
As for that little house that the kids used to pack into like sardines? Our hope is to create a library which will be open after school a few days a week! There are great benefits to this library project as well:
1. The kids from church will have a safe place to go after school, being involved in healthy activities and hopefully keeping them out of trouble.
2. We hope that they will develop a love for reading! If they love to read, then they will improve their reading skills, which improves their confidence. Of course, this will help them in school as they prepare for adulthood, but it also will give them more confidence to read God’s Word.
3. Bringing neighborhood kids, or even adults, to the library could be a way to share Christ’s love with them and possibly motivate them to visit our church.
4. Again, it would provide more service opportunities for the members of the church. Josúe will open the library and be in charge, and eventually, we hope other members of the church can get involved.
And here’s that little house that will soon be a library!
Exciting, isn’t it?
Some friends of ours are coming at the end of June and our goal is to work on and complete the nursery. If you feel led to be a part of it, would you consider “purchasing” one of the items below?
Nursery (About $1000 total):
paint for the walls/paint brushes
2 cribs with mattresses and/or pack and plays
4 sheets and blankets
changing table/dresser/storage unit
rocking chair
foam play pads for floor
Spanish kids’ Bible
other kids’ books in Spanish
a few toys
hand sanitizer
Then we hope to start and finish the library with the team that comes in July. If you would like to donate towards that instead, here is the list of materials below:
Library (About $700, not including books):
small tables/chairs
bean bags
posters/wall hangings
new lights
board games
You can also directly purchase Spanish books for the library, which would be a GREAT help! I have started a wishlist on Amazon (called “Library for Honduras”), which gives lots of fantastic ideas. However, many times the dollar stores, Costco, Marshalls – lots of places! – will have kids’ books in Spanish for good prices! Here’s the link to the wishlist and then we can get them down when friends/teams come.
Thank you for your participation in these projects! Our prayer is that they will bless the Casitas church and provide more resources for the people to grow in faith and godliness.