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Hey, we just sent out a quick update on all that is shakin’ here in Honduras. To download the pdf version of the newsletter, click here.

Also, you can visit our newsletter archives to catch a glimpse of our story over the years.

Since the 1st of the year, Jennifer and I have had the chance to host 3 groups of family and friends that have to come to serve Christ and His Church here in Honduras. The first team came to build up the physical church structure in Casitas. The second team came to provide medical care and evangelize. The third team came as an extended family unit, wanting to teach and love on the children in our churches.

We really went out on a limb with having this special family come down, since we didn’t really know each other. (As Karen put it, they all could have been a bunch of crazies). But, here’s the story…While at home in Illinois this summer, we had the opportunity to meet Don and Karen Williams, the owners of the reknowned Willams Christmas tree farm in Rockton, Illinois. We met them through our friends, Brian and Heather Dellameter, who are once again praying about a return to the mission field in Africa. Don & Karen are good friends with the Dellameters, and have make several trips to Kenya to serve with them.
Anyways, Don & Karen have a unique business that requires them to work all year around to supply Northern Illinois families with Christmas memories, and each year they conclude their busy season by doing a family missions trip. This year, God put it on their hearts to come and serve with us. The were accompanied by their son Brad, daughter-in-law Ellie, and 2 year-old granddaughter Terra. (By the way, Terra set the bar for a well-behaved toddler coming along on a missions trip…we won’t just let anyone come down). The Williams family was also accompanied by Lisa, ¬†Matt Alba, and Matt & Dan Roher. Never have I worked with two other “Mateos” before, so that was a comical new coincidence.
Upon arrival in Tegucigalpa, we whisked the Williams clan off to their luxurious accommodations at Iglesia Cristiana El Camino de Vida. Thankfully, the weather was extra agreeable (by which I mean lows 90s) and everyone did a great job settling in. We spend Sunday doing kids church first at El Renuevo, then in the afternoon at Tegucigalpita. The subsequent days were spent with the “cool” mornings doing concrete work, and the afternoons getting acquainted with the young people of Tegucigalpita.
The Williams had a great time working with Luis, Nixon, Marco, Juan de Dios, and other Honduran brothers mixing and leveling cement. The goal was to get the sanctuary floor installed as the dirt floor had numerous issues:
  • It was un-level, and it was hard to use a nice pulpit as it would wobble. And we want our preachers to stand firm on the Word of God, right?!
  • The new church pews built by the New Covenant youth group las t July will last longer on a smooth, level cement floor.
  • The congregation will not have to work about being bit by as many ants, scorpions, spiders, and other bugs during the sermon. Nearly an entire corner of the church was a fire ant hill until we poured the concrete.
The Williams also helped plant about a dozen trees up at Casitas on Thursday to help give some shade and produce some fruit in the years ahead.
We, as well as the local sisters in Christ are grateful for this nice upgrade in the meeting place. Keep praying for the spiritual building up in this church as the men are profoundly absent from the life of the church. Special thanks to Don, Karen, Brad, Ellie, Terra, Lisa, Matt, Matt, and Dan for your generosity and hard work in support of the ministry here!
I am sure Brad wouldn’t mind you taking a lot of some of the pictures taken during the Williams’ time here in Honduras:¬†http://www.influentialcreations.com/honduras