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Well, much progress has been made in recent days with building the church at Casitas, both spiritually and literally. We have seen several new believers, including a young man named Alex who prayed this week to ask Christ to forgive his sins.

This past week, a group of men from Madison Christian Church in Ohio, led by Grandpa Ken, came to put a roof on the rear portion of the church building at Casitas. The number of children attending Sunday School (better called Thursday school) requires more space! We’ve been seeing regular attendance of 45-50 kids, so we are so thankful for a new classroom.

The Madison church family raised a significant amount of money to purchase steel, cement, plastic septic tank, bathroom fixtures, etc. Really, we doubled the usable space of the church, which is an answer to prayer. We are now equipped to handle a growing children’s ministry, conduct overnight pastoral training conferences, and host teams who come to serve. In fact, this Saturday, a medical missions team will be coming and can use the new space to share the Gospel and treat patients.

The team endured the bitter cold of 45 degree nights and gusty winds to finish the goal of erecting a roof over the back portion of the church. The neat thing about this team was their technical skills, as we had professional plumbers, an electrical engineer, a backhoe operator, and great welders! Jen’s uncle and brothers did a lot of the dangerous roof work, braving the heights and the sunburn. The team unanimously decided to skip tourism activities and put in a full 6 six days of work. Much was accomplished. Let me show you some pictures of the work in progress.

I really enjoyed translating conversations and facilitating the friendships that were built between the Honduran and Ohioan brothers. It was especially cool to see some of these men who are new in their faith come to work alongside the Ohio team in laying brick, cutting steel, and serving the Lord. It was evident that there is a growing desire amongst the men to serve the Lord.

Check back for more in coming weeks as to how God will allow us to make use of the space we’ve been given to preach the Word!