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14 Nov / Trip to Peru

Author: Matthew
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In addtion to our work with Iglesia El Camino de La Vida, Jennifer and I have also had the chance to support the evangelistic radio outreach of El Camino de La Vida (known as Spanish World Ministries in other countries). ┬áBoth Pastor Melvin and his younger brother Ernesto are missionaries representing the Spanish World Ministries evangelistic radio outreach. I have had the opportunity to travel extensively to deliver DVDs with MP3 programming to radio stations throughout Honduras. Melvin and Ernesto’s efforts have resulted in evangelistic teaching being broadcast on nearly 150 stations throughout the country, including AM, FM, shortwave, and Internet broadcasts.

Because of our involvement with Spanish World, Daniel Sandoval, the international director, invited me to be a part of a special gathering of national missionaries that took place from November 2-12, 2012. I traveled with Pastor Melvin, Carol, and Ernesto to Lima, Peru, to attend the conference. The conference served to provide Biblical teaching, strategic direction, and team building for missionaries in countries like Paraguay, Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, an unnamed (for safety reasons) island off the coast of Florida, and others.
All of the missionaries are Latinos, so I had the special privilege of being invited along as a North American ministry team member. Boy, did my Spanish get stretched and expanded this week! I learned that a word that means something innocuous in one country can be extremely offensive in another country. I also learned that some accents were alot more difficult for me to understand than others. But, I did see a group of men and women united by the desire to share Christ’s Gospel with others in their countries. I heard of political and social opposition to the Gospel message, and saw tears shed because of the spiritual condition of people in their respective countries (much like the prophet Jeremiah did in Lamentations 3:49-51).
prepared to share with brothers and sisters in a Peruvian church
on the Pacific coast of Lima with Cornelius Rivera, the O.T. scholar and voice of the radio programs
aside from the well-armed Police officer, it reminded me of La Jolla, Ca. Had to think of my friends Dominic and Ryan in SD…
While most of the time was spent in meetings, I did have the chance to visit Peruvian churches, since the missionaries were invited to preach from God’s Word and share about the radio ministry. We had one afternoon to sightsee, and I was surprised by how much the beaches of Lima resemble my former home-town of San Diego. Complete with the surf schools. The city, with a population of over 10 million inhabitants, is remarkably modern and clean, even by comparison with big U.S. cities. No luck getting to Machu Picho, but my time in Lima was both productive and enjoyable.
I am very grateful to have had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit Peru, and moreso to have heard how the Gospel is being advanced throughout the Spanish-speaking world.