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This weekend, the Allen family has the opportunity to travel to the scenic mountain town of Siguetepeque for the 11th annual missionary retreat. This retreat is an interdenominational retreat that brings together ex-patriate missionaries from all over Honduras for a time of Biblical teaching, worship, and fellowship. The retreat was initially set-up after a missionary named Todd Fields was murdered, to honor him and to bring about some healing in the missionary community. While we never had a chance to meet Todd, we can see by the legacy he leave that the Lord has used his life and death for Christ’s glory.

The Biblical teaching was brought by Latin America Mission’s president, Steve Johnson. This was cool since the retreat involves many misisons organizations, but we are proud to have LAM leader’s coming down on their own quarter to teach and invest in the lives’ of missionaries. Last year, former LAM president Dave Howard taught, and this year Steve taught on forgiveness from the book of Philemon. The worship time was also great, combining classic hymns with newer worship songs. I think everyone enjoyed singing to the Lord in their native tongue.
Interestingly, a number of the missionaries at the retreat are not actually from the U.S. We met several Canadians, a Korean, a Brit, and a hodge-podge of Americans that have scarely ever lived in the U.S. instead living in places like Peru, Ecuador, Panana, and obviously here in Honduras.
Our kids enjoyed being in a camp environment where you feel safe, and the weather is cool and refreshing. They stayed up way too late, and went to bed way too dirty, but they had fun. We are grateful for the time of fellowship and camaraderie with other brothers and sisters that share our love and call to live the Gospel here in Honduras. I was glad to have has the opportunity to facilitate the corporate prayer time, and also to team teach a session on business as ministry.
We are glad now to be safely back home in Tegucigalpa, preparing our hearts to worship the Lord with our Honduran brothers and sisters in the morning.