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Live from Tegucigalpa, on Stereo Luz and HRVC, Pastor Melvin, Ernesto, Mateo, and Josué.

HRVC has a legacy of over 50 years of Christian broadcasting, and has powerful repeaters throughout Honduras. The station has some affiliation with HCJB radio ministry, and shares in the purpose of Christ-centered programming.

The interview took place during a half-hour news program during the noon hour. I had done into the radio station to purchase some concert tickets for young Josué from Casitas. He is so excited to venture into the city to attend an upcoming concert. He asked me to get tickets, and also to make the very big request of allowing him to meet and interview the Puerto Rican artist who will be performing here. So, I went to at least ask at the radio station.

It helps that this station regularly broadcasts the two programs produced by Spanish World Ministries (called El Camino de La Vida which is 14 minutes long, and Reflection for Today, which is 3 minutes long). Jennifer and I were received well by the station management, and while they did not guarantee us an interview with the singer who is coming, they did ask to interview us. Apparently, our story of being called to serve in Honduras was of interest. So we kindly accepted coming back two days later for an on the air interview. Pastor Melvin and Ernesto Zelaya, Josué who came via bus to the city from Thursday church, and I were interviewed. This gave us a chance to give a testimony about what God is doing in our 4 churches, and to promote the radio ministry.

While I do not have the whole interview, here’s a brief clip of Pastor Melvin sharing.
HRVC Interview clip

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The day after the team from Memphis left, we headed to the US of A for a mini-“service leave”. We were all looking forward to some down time with family, lots of time with friends, and some great all-American food! But as it turns out, the Lord allowed us to go back to the states for more than the needed rest and re-connection with our churches & supporters. More on that in future posts.

Our first week in Illinois was spent largely with Ron & Donna, my in-laws, and Rachel & Shane, my sister-in-law and her husband, who flew up from Texas. It was so great to have the whole family together! However, it was during this time that we discovered that my wonderful mother-in-law needed an emergency surgery to remove a very large lump. It all came up us rather suddenly and unexpectedly, and of course, all of our emotions were on a roller-coaster waiting for the diagnosis from the biopsy. Long story short, after many more days and tests, the doctors confirmed that Donna/Mom has breast cancer.

This was definitely a blow to us all and it made it much more difficult to leave once the time came. Yet, I have seen the Lord’s gracious hand in all of this so far. He always has been so faithful and good, I know we have no reason to doubt that even now. For one, He allowed us all to physically be together for the first few weeks of this discovery. I praise Him because He gave inexplicable peace in the midst of news that was devastating to hear. Also, it appears that the cancer is not as aggressive as we had originally thought, and it hasn’t spread all over. We have many reasons to thank the Lord.

Clearly, we covet your prayers as well. Mom has now begun chemo and many of you know personally of the awful side affects and how drastically life changes with this treatment. Please pray that Mom will be uplifted and strengthened throughout this process. Pray that she responds as well as she can to the chemo, that ultimately, the Lord will heal her of this disease. Pray that she and Ron will be unified and that their relationship with one another and with the Lord will be deepened.

I must admit that it is not easy to be more than 5,000 miles away from Mom right now. I want to be there to walk through this with her, to hold her hand, to cry with her and to encourage her to press on. Yet I know that the Lord has us in Honduras, even now. He has placed people around Mom that will be a support for her. I am grateful for that. And we have to be obedient to what He has called us to. The most important thing we can do now is pray.

In addition to time in Illinois, we also visited friends in Minnesota, Indiana, and Ohio. In Ohio, we had a good time with our family and Samuel and Simon’s birthdays with Grandpa Ken and Connie.

We arrived back in Honduras on August 21st with a renewed enthusiasm to invest in the lives of our friends here. We are grateful for friends who support us and lift us in prayer in our work here.